Zu Galería: Diosas, Vírgenes, o Mártires?y ahí estoy

In pinturas on 12 septembre 2009 at 11:26

Zu Galería: Diosas, Vírgenes, o Mártires?

Zu Galeria is proud to present our second group exhibit this year, Diosas, Virgenes o Martires? A group exhibit that includes painting, photography and sculpture by our roster of artists plus various international artists as well.
Join us this September 12, from 8pm to 11pm

Zu Galeria Fine Arts…2248 SW 8th ST…786-443-5872

Refreshments will be served.

Partial Proceeds of tonight’s sales will benefit Lotus House.
For More Information please go to their website at

Paintings by:
Carlos Acostaneyra, Mayra Abo, Karin Aldrey, Carlos Artime, Julio Batista, Jose Chiu, Rosario D’Rivera, Elvira de las Casas, Carlos Eloy, Margarita Garcia Alonso, Felix Gonzalez, Julsan, Sergio Lastres, Noel Leon, Salvador Lorenzo, Pedro Mendizabal, Joel Nuñez, Tony Nuñez, Teresa Ortiz, Luis Pardini, Trinidad Pino, Lourdes Porrata, Candida Rodriguez, and Leonardo Severo.

Photography by:

Alfredo Betancourt, Sara Garcia, German Guerra, Lapitu and Marta Ramos

Sculptures by:

Dora Fiser, Liliana Folta, and Evelio Lecour

Zu Galeria Fine Arts is Little Havana’s boutique d’art. We specialize in all original works of art by our roster of multi-talented artists.
For more information on our monthly events,
please go to our blogs at

Pintura: Vírgen de la Caridad, por Carlos Acostaneira

  1. Te necesitamos anoche Marga!

  2. Hermosísima!!! No estabas pero estabas!

  3. […] Zu Galería: Diosas, Vírgenes, o Mártires? […]

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